Using a Weight Training Log

Training Objectives:  Before initiating a weight training program of any kind, it is first necessary to establish and record your personal training objectives/goals. Whether it be to lose weight and inches or gain weight and build, or establish and maintain a high level of physical fitness, it is to your advantage to have your training objectives clearly laid out. With these objectives established and recorded, you will be able to monitor your progress week by week and month by month. By referring back to your initial training objectives, you will then be able to observe significant progress toward your goals and if progress is not being made, you can change the program.

Record your training objectives and divide them into short- and long-term goals. The short term objectives are those that should become apparent after working diligently with your training program for the first few weeks. The long-term objectives are those that will become apparent only after you have stuck to your training program for several months. An important key in establishing your short-term training objectives is to be realistic.

We strongly suggest that before establishing your training objectives/goals and starting your weight training program you should first consult with your personal physician as to what your proposed training objectives are. If your training objectives are attainable and realistic, your physician will give you the go ahead that will add to the incentive you already possess to get your training program off to a good start.

Measurement Record/Goals:  Record and observe any changes in your measurements during your training program. Your beginning measurements should be taken on the first day of your program prior to exercising. After your beginning measurements are recorded, they should be recorded again at approximately one-month intervals. If taken earlier than one month, it will be difficult to see any significant progress. After you fill in your beginning measurements, you will need to fill in your first one month goals. You will also want to record the values determined from your pre tests on any machines, body-weight movements, and flexibility exercises.

You will establish your short-term goals for the first month by filling in your anticipated measurements after one month of weight training. After the first month has passed, you will have your measurements taken again and compare them with your goals to see how successful you were. From there, you do the same thing with the next month’s goals and measurements. Again, an important key to remember when setting your monthly goals is to be realistic. The first few months will be a learning experience as far as determining what realistic goals are.

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