Scheduling Dr. John Lewis as an Expert Lecturer

If you are looking for someone who can provide an inspiring lecture or series of lectures about many different topics in health and wellness, i.e., nutrition, dietary supplements, and exercise, with an emphasis on science and clinical evidence, then Dr. Lewis is your man! He has educated thousands of people in his career from the classroom setting to international conferences all over the world. He has taught everyone from students to professionals and people in the community, and he is able to adapt his material and focus to meet the needs of the audience. He can provide you with an inspiring and motivational lecture or lecture series about how to achieve optimal health through nutrition and exercise, and he can lean on his own experiences of conducting clinical trials in these areas and through his own journey of how to use food, dietary supplements, and exercise to be healthy.

Dr. Lewis has a unique perspective as someone who “walks the walk” through all of his combined professional and personal experience on the way to health. You will not want to miss the opportunity to learn from him about how to be healthy through the power of nutrition and exercise. No setting or number of people is too small or large. Please contact us at to discuss rates and to book online or in-person lectures.

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