Exercise Introduction

An exercise routine is the second most important modifiable behavior for you to utilize to prevent or counteract disease. Many people today are almost completely sedentary (or physically inactive), which puts them at great risk of chronic diseases. A regular physical exercise routine is the only way for most people to offset the typical sedentary lifestyle today.

We will provide you with a comprehensive exercise program based on current principles of the American College of Sports Medicine, which is arguably the world’s number one authority on the benefits of exercise. You will receive a routine that is based on frequency, duration, intensity, and mode of exercise that incorporates strengthening (weight training), aerobic (cardiovascular) conditioning, flexibility (stretching), and neuromotor training (where appropriate). Ideally, you will also go to a local facility or healthcare provider, where you can have a complete physical fitness assessment to evaluate your current strength, aerobic capacity, flexibility, and body composition. All of these characteristics can be greatly improved with consistent and intense exercise. With this information, we can accurately create an exercise plan that works best for you based on your current fitness level, goals, and interests.

As with your dietary changes, we can also provide ongoing coaching to help you achieve your physical fitness/activity goals. Your exercise training plan will also be programmed around your specific goals and interests, taking into consideration any specific health conditions or challenges you may have to best utilize the benefits of a regular exercise routine. We will update your program after 12 weeks to adjust where necessary to keep you progressing as much as possible. Additionally, we will provide the educational information along with your routine to help you understand the science behind our recommendations and why certain exercises have been recommended for you.

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