Common Training Mistakes

  1. Failure to plan long-term training schedules to achieve specific goals
  2. Using exercises and work rate intensities that are not sport- or goal-specific
  3. Under-training
  4. Over-training

Symptoms of Over-Training 

  1. Loss in body weight due to a reduction in appetite
  2. Chronic, overall fatigue
  3. Psychological staleness and lack of enthusiasm
  4. Multiple colds/sore throats and/or injuries
  5. Constant soreness and aches in the muscles
  6. Elevated resting heart rate
  7. Decreased performance and/or strength
  8. Recovery time between sets and workouts is longer
  9. Coordination becomes impaired

Prevention of Over-Training 

  1. Do not increase training volume by more than 10% per week
  2. Vary training program on a monthly basis
  3. Listen to body’s signals to avoid over-stressing
  4. Obtain enough sleep and nutrients
  5. Allow for adequate recovery/recuperation between workouts

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